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Project Alaiyathi works towards restoring, strengthening and conserving the community managed Million Mangroves Initiative.


The waterways stretching from the Ennore Creek to the northern end of the Pulicat lake was once covered with mangroves. Project Alaiyathi is centered around the community based restoration and management of this lost mangrove Ecosystem. Life on land, life below water, sustainable cities and communities, and climate action are at the heart of this initiative.

Community Based Restoration and Conservation

Mangrove Restoration

Local fisherfolk community is heavily dependent on the backwaters for their livelihood are the anchors of the Million Mangroves Initiative, from sourcing seeds, to plantation and to becoming the stewards of the restored forests.

Suitable locations for mangrove restoration have been identified and the restoration efforts are underway. Over 40,000 saplings have already been planted and the aim is to create a mangrove forest consisting of a million trees. Avicennia Marina, Rhizophora Mucronata, Excoecaria Agallocha, Rhizophora Mangle, and Ceriops Decandra are the five varieties of Mangrove that are being planted through this initiative.

Sustained Marine Harvest

Project Alaiyathi is based in a geography where over 2000 families are exclusively dependent on these backwaters for their livelihood. It is well known that aquatic life like mud crabs, tiger prawns, sea bass and white prawns thrive in mangrove ecosystems. We believe a million mangroves will positively impact community income in a sustained manner.


Where we work


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