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Why Mangroves


Nature Based Solution

Mangroves are a ‘nature based solution’ to tackle climate change. The muddy environs that mangroves are found in are extremely carbon rich and a mature mangrove forest adds to the solid by capturing further sedimentation and holding it (and the captured carbon) in place.


Best Source of Carbon Sequestration

Mangroves are amongst the best sources of carbon sequestration. An acre of mature mangroves can sequester upto 500 metric tons annually. Mangroves sequester carbon far more effectively (up to 100 times faster) and 5 times more per hectare than terrestrial forests.


Nurseries for Marine Life

Mangroves act as nurseries and excellent habitats for marine life. In the areas covered with mangroves, the numbers of tiger prawns, mud crabs, white prawns, mudskippers, sea bass will rise, improving the health of aquatic ecosystems and also catch for the marginalized subsistence fisherfolk.


Sustainable Livelihood for Local Fisherfolk

1,200 families are completely dependent on the mangroves for their income. They make between 100 to 300 rupees a day during the summer season, and 1,500 to 2000 rupees a day during the monsoon season

Hands Holding Fish

Promotes Aquatic Life

Mangroves reduce the water temperature, improving fish yield.


Safe Aviaries

Mangroves are safe aviaries, and one can expect a rise in local avian life.

Walking in Water

Reduced Soil Erosion &


This region acts as one of the main drains for Chennai City’s flood waters. Mangroves can reduce upto 66% of wave height reducing soil erosion and the intensity of flooding during heavy monsoon years.

Tropical Storm

Cyclone Resilience

Mature mangroves show high resilience to strong winds and hence make excellent windbreakers. They will increase resilience to this area where disruptive climate events like cyclones are becoming more frequent.

Mountain View

Self Propagating

Once established, they are excellent at self propagation and more resilient than terrestrial forest.

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